That sexy you've been seeking in Halifax

  Hello, thank you for taking a moment to get to know me, I truly appreciate your interest and would relish  some time to get to know you.....

I've been living in Halifax for a few years now, leaving and coming certainly has it's draw.  I'm now happily settled here and consider myself a proud imported Haligonian.

I've never been a conventional person, hence my interest in professional companionship. It has become a lifestyle for me, not an occupation. A way of dating without all the ties of a traditional relationship. One of it's many draws and what keeps me interested and vested in it, is the amazing and interesting people I've met and continue to meet . Their friendships and return visits have helped me grow as a person and keep me looking forward to many new adventures.

As much as I love being a professional companion, I have chosen to date on a part time basis. My personal life is very busy with volunteering, fund raising, animal advocacy, physical activities, studies and many other projects. So it is imperative that I am selective with whom I meet and how often. I choose my dates based on like mindedness, chemistry and compatibility, this makes moments spent  truly special. For those select few, I offer an authentic girlfriend openness, unencumbered by menu's, up-selling or other unpleasantries. Time spent  together should be unhurried, flow naturally and enjoyed thoroughly. Life rushes by and I try not to miss or waste a moment, so.... balance and being selective is important. 

Because of my life experiences, past employment, work ethic and education , I tend to look at life and people differently than many. I see animals as friends and equals not our chattel. I question most everything and only accept what I've seen or experienced as truth. I am not afraid to express my thoughts/opinions, and I believe everyone is equal  until they prove themselves to be different. I am black and white, although I try to see shades of grey, lol. I am creative, artistically inclined and very kind of heart, but certainly, no push over!

Humor, intelligence and kindness are the qualities that draw me to a person. What keeps me interested is those who have a story, experience, and those who are thoughtful, compassionate, giving, and who show understanding and patience. It is from them I can learn and grow. I embrace each person I meet, and every new day as a new opportunity to learn something .

To end, I'm mature in years, youthful in spirit, passionate about life, perfectly imperfect and seeking new adventures, why not join me on one.... I can guarantee, you'll not be judged, no script will be followed and you're sure to have a whole lot of fun!!

Other places you can find me

* twitter-@cristylonglegs (I put most effort into this account)




see the links on my links page for more places

Here are some good reasons to choose me for your companion:

-if you love to have some light hearted fun

-if you want to stop the clock and share unhurried memorable, repeat worthy moments

-if you need some womanly advice or someone non-biased and frank to talk to

-if you need to relax, let go, unwind, and love a good massage

-if you want to meet someone who'll absolutely accept and appreciate you just as you are

-if you are new or shy

-last but not least- I'm someone you can rely on and trust! 

What to expect:

An authentically sensual, opinionated and strongly independent woman. One who is  limited only by her imagination, not by society's morals or others expectations or conditions. I am a true rebel with a cause and a proud lone wolf.

I don't see beauty as being physical,  it's about character, compassion, strengths and confidence.

however if you need visual stimuli then.... 

I am tall(5ft 9in), proudly mature (4o +yrs), slender, fit and toned, (126lbs) blonde, of European descent, born and raised in Canada.

 My hair is thick, dark blonde and highlighted.

My eyes are warm, inviting, and a pretty hazel green

My delicious lips are seductive, full, kissable, pouty and talented!

My body is slender without exercise, soft and curvy, certainly not perfect , but  well proportioned at 36d-25-36.

My legs are nearly 36inches, toned and loved to be adorned in sexy stockings

My breasts have been enhanced from a pretty and perky 36c to a sexier more voluptuous 36d, but you'd never know by touching them!

I'd make any gentleman's arm a wonderful complement .


my philosophy:

I believe kindness begets kindness-do a good deed and a deed
will do good for you. Pay it forward, do something nice today it will come back to you ten fold.

My passion:

animal welfare/strengthening laws/preventing abuse:

 I'm a staunch supporter of animal rights, and hope to bring awareness of atrocities committed against animals and punishment towards those who commit such abuses. Please, if you see abuse, report it and if you can, donate to a shelter. They are all in such need and it is donations that keep their doors open and provide homes for many homeless animals-

 For those who get their pets elsewhere, ALWAYS SPAY AND NEUTER

your pet, they are your responsibility for their lifespan Not until you tire of them! Thank you:)

Please.... if you must eat meat.....  "eat with your heart" choose humanely raised food:) Buying grocery store "meat" is in most cases supporting factory farming, as is buying fast food products. Factory farming causes more pollution than most cars, unneeded suffering for the animals and is a very unhealthy way to eat. Buy local, organic, or from a known "actual" farmer. You'll do your health and planet the biggest favor!! 

Please see my blog for any posts concerning animal activism, petitions, etc.



David Seegmiller

Added on December 28, 2017

I had no idea what to expect when I first met you. Your intelligence and conversation sparkled.You seem to share many of my interests and beliefs. I hope I will have the pleasure to see you again often.Like wine I will improve with age.

Added on November 4, 2017

Gentlemen, Cristy is simply many things. She is warm, friendly, conversational, personable, inviting, courteous, engaging, elegant, generous, responsive, and immediately disarming. She effortlessly moves between being pretty, beautiful, attractive, alluring, stunning, and seductive. She surprises with many additional attributes best left in the intimacy of her bedroom. Cristy greatly exceeded my wishes for a memorable evening. Do not forego the opportunity to lavish your time on this delightful lady.

Added on September 22, 2017

One word, Awesome ! I had the pleasure of meeting Cristy last night. It was my first time and I was very nervous. Cristy made me feel very comfortable. Cristy is a beautiful person and looks, as you can see from her pictures, amazing. I will definitely meet Cristy again, if she will have me ;o)
A recent visitor

Added on July 13, 2017

I'm adding my accolades after spending some time with Cristy while visiting Halifax recently. Her incall was top notch and her service was even better. I'd certainly recommend her and would add her to the list of must sees when in Halifax.
A very happy man

Added on January 1, 2017

I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours with the beautiful Miss curves recently. What I found to be most impressive about her is just how down to earth and how real she is. As beautiful and as impressive as she is is from head to toe, you'll not find an ounce of conceit within her. A ten of ten is my vote.

Added on October 28, 2016

Getting our schedules to align was a bit cumbersome but so worth it in the end. Spending the morning with you was a perfect way to start my day.You are perfectly charming. I now have another reason to visit Halifax.
August 11, 2016

Added on August 11, 2016

Still smiling broadly after my magical 3-hour adventure with a beautiful body and soul. So sweet and kind, Cristy will blow your... mind. Look no further, gents, for the thrill of a lifetime!

Added on June 2, 2016

Your favorite 3hour engagement is know one of my favorite memories. Hopefully we'll get to spend more time to together on my next trip to Halifax. Regards and stay sexy
Ben G

Added on May 12, 2016

Just a note to thank you Cristy for the wonderful evening I shared with you recently.You were the perfect hostess and the sexiest woman I've had the pleasure sending time with. you certainly are someone who is head and shoulders above the crowd and not just because you are tall.You deserve the best pretty lady, I look forward to seeing you again.

Added on April 18, 2016

I'm impressed by your humane side. I was initially interested in the massage service, so I visited your website to learn more and the first link I clicked was about you, because I believe in personal connections. I dislike just "paying for a service" if there is no chemistry or connection. Only for money makes it too cold. So, I read your story and knowing that you ar an animal advocate just floored me. I am too, I am a biologist and I always fight for those with no voice. Anyway, enough words I now need to learn more and more of you. I will book an encounter this week. Until then. XXOO

Added on April 13, 2016

An exciting encounter, and her photos don't do her justice. Very clean, classy and welcoming; professional in every way; soft spoken but deep and thoughtful. Wish I could've stayed longer.

Added on May 29, 2015

The anticipation of meeting built as we exchanged e-mails, arrangements were made, and then a last minute flip flop at work left me in a rush to get over on time...I parked and found my way inside, looking forward to getting to meet you in person. Stepping through the threshold of your place, I was welcomed by the warmth of your space, and the smile on your face. You were exactly as I'd thought, only taller and better....the conversation as we got comfortable was pleasant, and easy. The conversation never really ended, but we did get pleasantly distracted from it for quite a while, and when, alas, we parted ways, it was with delightful memories written in my mind. Those memories have been rekindled even just by passing through the area, and while my work has kept me away, it is now moving me closer, so I know we will soon meet again, and there will be a measure of pleasure for both of us to enjoy.

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