My requirements and donations



Some things to consider-

♥My rates are set to satisfy my needs and to cover what I deem fair compensation for my time and incurred costs . Don't insult me with comments if you find them to high. Move on to those who fit within your budget. Quality costs, after all:)   200 1/2 hrly-300hrly-see below for more....

♥I can also be found on - @cristylonglegs- -  Check my links for other sites.#HalifaxEscort #GFE #VIP

♥All my pictures are recent, some are stamped as to when they were taken, most are taken by me (selfies). I feel this is the best way to give you an accurate representation of my appearance, without giving away my identity.

  I prefer to meet with educated, articulate  entrepreneurial professional gentlemen who are confident, yet humble, who have a sense of humor, who are down to earth, and who are respectful, discrete and over the age of 30.. Although I have no preference as too your height, weight, race, or too how good looking you are or are not, I do have expectations that you'll have clean well groomed nails on hands and feet,, good dental hygiene, meaning your teeth are white and clean looking and your breathe is fresh.That you will  be well groomed all over and NOT smelling of cigarette smoke or anything other than freshly showered,

If you expect great service, passion and unscripted intimacy from me, you'll have to meet these requirements. If you show up with anything less, expect my service to be lack luster, and for me to be distant and probably decline some of the things you might expect or if I find reason enough, you'll be expected to pay for my time and then be asked to leave..Hygiene and personal grooming are IMPERATIVE to a great date. I'm not your mother or your keeper, I shouldn't have to show you how to take care of yourself. Adults should be aware of their personal hygiene and know how to groom themselves, especially when they know they are going to be close to another person.If you show disregard for my expectations and your personal hygiene then the onus of a bad date is on you and you alone.

 ♥I might advertise often, but I date only occasionally. In order for me to make these dates special, it's best you give me as much notice as possible, preferably 24hrs, minimally 1- 2hrs. With notice, I'm able to reschedule my plans and too prepare as carefully as I'd like. Enabling me to offer you an exceptional date.

♥Promptness and Discretion are paramount with me. I will be on time for you, please be on time for me. All the information you give me is seen only by me and never shared. When you leave my company, we no longer know each other, until you decide to contact me again. I do not randomly reach out to any clients. 

 When entering or leaving my incall locale, please be quiet and discrete and please only call me by my companion name when we are alone and out of ears range of anyone neighboring me. If you happen to see me in public, please respect my privacy, and don't call out to me, especially using my companion name. I'd never approach you, please show me the same respect and discretion. I like and enjoy, all my chosen clients, but a client/companion relationship ends when you leave, and resumes only when you contact me again. I have no interest in forming relationships outside of our client/companion relationship.

♥ I offer incalls and outcalls. My preference is, you visiting at my locale. I believe the right ambiance is as important for a satisfying, successful date as is  having chemistry and compatibility, and I am particular about creating the perfect setting. I'm located in central Halifax, and my locale is very comfortable, cozy, discrete, quiet, tastefully decorated, very clean and I have everything here you'd need and more:) Stop by and see:)

♥ I do accept reviews and reco's. So if you decide to write something, please be a gentleman, explicit details aren't necessary, nor are they flattering to either party. Remember I too can write and comment about my meetings:) To leave your comments go to my about page and scroll to the bottom, you simply need an email address and pseudonym.

♥ My approach to escorting is unusual, I'm not in it for just it's financial benefits. I'm interested in meeting and having fun with, select respectful gentlemen. Who for reasons of their own, seek out female company in an unconventional manner. I'm happily single and want to stay that way, so dating in this manner satisfies all my needs and I also find it very exciting .

What I expect of you, *again* is, to be discrete, to be on time, to be clean, freshly showered, preferably within an hour or two of our meeting. If not, let me know that you'll need to use my facilities before our date begins. Hygiene will determine just how close we get.  Please be aware that I'm hyper sensitive to cigarette smoke so if you are a smoker please shower and wash your hair thoroughly. Refrain from smoking after you shower and before coming to visit. Wear clothes that are clean and haven't been worn while smoking. I'm aware that not everyone is blessed with perfectly white teeth, but if your dental hygiene is poor, or if your teeth are stained, missing or unattractive, I'm not going to be comfortable meeting. For those gentlemen who work with their hands, please moisturize and thoroughly clean your nails and hands before visiting. Rough, unclean nails/hands aren't comfortable to certain sensitive areas.

 As far as your attire, you don't have to don a suit, but you should want to look your best,  I'm going to be at my best for you, assuming, you've given me notice to prepare. Although I find attractiveness through non-physical traits, how one presents themselves and your hygiene, does say something.

♥Please don't ask about "menus" or "services offered". I offer a style of dating, which can be booked by time increments, not by services rendered. Within those time slots, what will occur is dependent on many factors and not known until we meet, and none of that can be found on a menu. 

♥ If you must cancel, that happens!! But please be considerate enough to let me know you won't be keeping our date, I certainly will let you know. A cancellation fee may apply and is non-refundable.

♥ Remember this is about having fun, meeting someone new, or revisiting and having more fun, gaining a new perspective, and enjoying one another's company. No pretenses, drama or negativity is wanted. 



 I accept dates between 10am and 10pm, although other times may be considered, with certain conditions.

Morning appointments need to be booked with 24hrs notice. 



  Step into my world...where only our imaginations can limit the possibilities.

Let go of your inhibitions and experience  authentic interactive fun and feel satisfaction!!


Vip/GFE 1/2 hrly date-200$ -  I accept 1/2 hr dates between 10am and 6pm after 6pm-hourly dates only

 Vip/GFE hourly-300$

Vip-/GFE90 mins-450$

 Vip/GFE 2 hours-600$

Vip/GFE 3 hours-800$  

Fetishes-Kinks and Fantasies-  I'm not experienced in this field, but I'm willing to learn and entertain some fetishes, kinks and fantasies. Contact me and lets discuss how I can help you live out yours.

For those seeking longer dates, ask and you may receive.

Erotic conversation:  For those gentlemen that seek an erotic bedtime story, or an erotic conversation, I'm offering sessions of 60$-1/2 hrly -or hrly-100$.

These are to be pre-paid by email money transfer and are offered via the phone 

Please note there is a transportation fee for all outcalls within the Halifax airport areas of 50$

**all donations are for my time and transportation only**